First Customizable
LED Backpack
Display images, animations, widgets and even play games by syncing it with your smartphone.
Pix Backpack
Simply choose the content in the free iOS or Android app and upload to Pix backpack in one tap
Pixel Art
Draw your own images & animations
in the Pix Backpack app!

Make Pix your everyday assistant using smart features.
The first LED backpack where you can even play games.
How it works
Pix review in Unbox Therapy
Check out this short video to learn more about how Pix works
Pix Backpack
for $129 $199
Why discounted?
Discounted backpacks have been produced with minor imperfections. These backpacks include all features of the fully priced Pix Backpacks and are fully functional. However, they might come with one of the flaws listed below.
Types of flaws
What do we guarantee?
All Features
Includes all features of the fully priced Pix Backpack.
14 days return period
You can return the Pix Backpack within 14-days no questions asked.
1-year warranty
Get an immediate replacement in case it breaks or stops working.
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